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About us

We are a non-profit association supporting various projects aimed at preservation of cultural heritage with financially.
We help to develop creative ideas in manifold formats. We are legally recognised as a non-profit organisation (gemeinn├╝tziger eingetragener verein).
We help with the realisation of a wide range of art projects, including art residencies for artists and photographers and organisation of film and animation festivals.

We help artists create music videos, video art and theatrical and performance art. Our cinema-related projects include both documentary and fictional films.
Furthermore, we fund restoration, preservation and digitalisation of audio tapes, cinema- photo films and photos.

Our projects


Retro Photo

There is nothing that reflects an atmosphere of an epoch as powerfully as photographs. Pictures of the past are a unique source of information. They let us glance into another time. Unfortunately, these precious resources are not always well kept and deteriorate as time passes. Archive storage requires financial investment and expertise. As a non-commercial organisation we do not charge for these services. With the generous help of volunteers, we restore photographs, videos, and storage devices, creating an online database accessible for free to everyone.

Giving a second life to archival photos, we rely on donations of pictures to enrich our large reference database for historians, artists and scientists. We invite you to make precious moments of your past part of our shared cultural heritage! To become part of our project, contact us via phone or on social media.



Our purpose is to support creators in the arts and sciences. If you would like to support our cause financially, please specify the amount

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